Dancing For Patriotism

by Ed Klingenberger

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Dillinger Escape Plan-inspired mayhem triggered by overseeing a giant line of dancers performing to "God Bless The U.S.A." in a nearby church parking lot.


released September 20, 2007

Ed Klingenberger - all instruments and all lead vocals
Dan Bell - additional vocals on "Postgame Fireworks"
Adam Donnelly - additional vocals on "The Usual Riots"

Drums recorded by Mike Huurman ("Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Vegetable Oil") and Rich Wattie (everything else)




Ed Klingenberger Rochester, New York

Singer-songwriter-instrumentalist with a penchant for the absurd.

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Track Name: Toccata and Feud
Wrong answer
What was the question

We have no need for your drivel
But you might be better off right here and
Waiting for the other shoe to drop

Go - we don't need you here
You're not wanted in this town
So where do you think you're going
You can change your status - come on

Forget the silence, forget the pain
Embrace the anger, direct your rage
Isn't this what you wanted - let's tear it all apart
Tear through this wreckage - you'll make it worse

This is not a revolution
This is just a circus act
This is not a revolution
You will be in bed before we even start
Track Name: Freeze Tag
Cry your brain cells out 'cause here it comes again
It's party time now and you weren't invited

There could be more time to make us change our minds
But it's not too late for you to save yourself

Face facts and figures
You don't have to stay
But if we differ
Then you're the weakest link

You're stuck and you can't move
You're not the only one - just look around
(But I see nobody else but me)

You've been
Get back here

You may think you've won
But that's not the case
'Til we meet again
There will be more games
Track Name: I Don't Think This is a Good Idea...
Woah, man, watch where I'm going
But while you're here, I need to ask you something

Wanna arm wrestle?

I wanted a cracker - I got a snail
That's not a fair trade - you suck

Wanna thumb wrestle?

Well I guess I have to follow
Every little thing you say
But don't assume that I heard you
'Cause I've learned to tune you out

I want a drink - don't wanna get up
You're closer to the kitchen - get one for me
Or just steal one from Dave

Do it again
Track Name: My Karma Ran Out of Gas
Draw the line
We'll talk of crossing it but never make the effort
Hit the wall
Smash your face in but you won't damage anything
Kill the time
And talk of action but inertia has already won
Make the call
Will we? Will you?

Grinding to a halt, we don't know how to fix this
I think we need to ask for help
Racing to a stop, knee-deep in quicksand again
And we have been through this before
Cleaning to a mess, this perpetuates itself
As soon as we can bail us out
This whole world is yours
This whole world is yours

Toe the line
We'll gladly quash dissent and do just what we're told
Hit the wall
Race to burnout, levy taxes on our self-esteem
Buy the time
But if it's money well then why are we all still flat broke
Make the call
Will you? Will you?
Track Name: Postgame Fireworks
I could watch you drive away
I could stand in the middle of the road, but
I don't trust you in that thing
I am convinced you would run me over

What's that
In the sky

You have lettuce in your teeth
You have put up with my crap for too long
You are finished with myself
You don't think that we could talk this over

What's what
In the sky
That's nice
But who won

I won
You lost
Sit back
Enjoy the show

We could just call this a draw
We could just say "Fair's fair" and walk away, but
We will never stoop to that
We are too thick skulled to back down now
Track Name: The Usual Riots
Now decide your fate
Dance for me tonight
Don't think for yourself
Let your instincts fly

Emotions got the best of you
But you don't know what the anger's for
But that's OK 'cause we don't either
We're just joining in the fun

Tables and chairs and the Curb what's happening
Play out the scene on the Stage the moment here
Let's go

Well it started with good motives
But we all just got the best of us
We know this amounts to nothing
We'll do this again tomorrow
Track Name: The Voices Tell Us to Burn Things
It's time we tried
To change our ways
We must not wait (it's time we tried)
Or we'll decay

This doesn't feel the same
So why I have I never changed

I'll see you here
I always do
Or if I don't (don't see you here)
There's hope for you

This doesn't feel the same
So why have I never changed

I hate change
It's all useless
Give me a dollar
I'll change what you're worth

Stop the bus
I want to get off
Stop the bus
I need to get off
Stop the bus
Track Name: ...And If I Can Break It
There's a surprise in store for you
Devastation's coming soon
And you will not believe your eyes
When you see what we have done

Betcha didn't see this coming
Well it hasn't happened yet
But when we get our act together
We'll get right down to work

Pass the remote and the hammer
It's like Legos, only bigger
Crank the music - it's more fun now
We'll start breaking any time now

Grab a six-pack and some nachos
Stick around and see the show

Building die

Die, building, die
We need another fast food joint
Track Name: Not It
Walked out of the house and I could not believe my eyes
Another weep fest - propaganda in disguise
I gazed in disbelief and shook my head in shame
These blatant tactics give our city a bad name

Who wants to play a game outside with me
We'll play Pin The Tail On The Donkey
'til the cows come home

I was never good with metaphors when I was young
But I know enough to pick out that kind of dung
This game was never fair, the fix was clearly in
I kicked your ass off but the teacher says you win

Who wants to play a game outside with me
We'll play Pin The Blame On The Donkey
'til the cows come home

You must be cheating - we're on to you
How could you deny it? You're lying through your teeth!

No way
Don't do this to us
That's it
You forced our hand

As we play another game
(I still can't catch a break)
Once again the scales just tip your way
(I still can't catch a break)
But I've no use to complain
(I still can't catch a break)
'Cause I know you can't play fair
(This game was never fair)

And we'll never deal with you again
Your time as king of the hill will soon end
Track Name: Ow! My Dignity!
Was it something you did or was it something I said
You claim to feel so alive but your brain is half dead
Grind the axe 'til it's primed to sit around in the shed
Don't you think that it's time to find a hobby instead

I've been through all this before
Wasting time you're such a bore
Now my mind can't take much more
If you need me I'll be running for the door

Now you're assaulting my senses but nothing is there
Well I don't have opinions - I'm just faking despair
Yeah, you might think you've won, but you don't know I don't care
It's my true claim to fame - perfecting the blank stare

What's an argument to you
What's five minutes to you
What's dignity to you
What the hell am I to you
Track Name: Sledgehammers are Cool
Take a cab out of town
Straight to suburbanite hell
See kids talking out loud
But they won't do anything
Time to mess up this joint
Upset this affluence
We won't need no weapons
Just our imaginations

So we'll have some fun
At these kids' expense
They won't know what to do
When we usurp their space

They won't know what hit 'em
We won't help them out
We won't know what hit 'em
Because we forgot
This is gonna be a good day
We'll cure our own boredom
And we're gonna find out own way
'Round this superficial mess

You wanna go? Come on, let's go
We're gonna go put on a show

Let's go
Track Name: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Vegetable Oil
Freedom fries freedom fries freedom fries

Freedom fries and freedom toast
I freedom like my freedom most
Freedom flags and freedom cars
Freedom fest to freedom Mars
Freedom take my freedom stick and
Your freedom butt I'll freedom kick
You freedom question my freedom mass?
I'll freedom kick your freedom ass

Freedom burgers freedom fat
Freedom's where it's freedom at
Freedom lard and freedom beer
Don't freedom like it? Then freedom leave here
Freedom fries and freedom toast
I freedom like my freedom most
You freedom question my freedom mass?
I'll freedom kick your freedom ass

I don't think we all can take much more of this
All this talk of freedom but that's what I miss
Sensory overload has brought me down
I wanna ditch this overpatriotic town
Shut up

Drown us in cooking oil
Broil our opinions dry
Grill our brains well done
Serve with fries and drink