My Song Fu Is Stronger

by Ed Klingenberger

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A chronological chronicle of my journey through the 2012 Song Fu challenge.


released January 23, 2012




Ed Klingenberger Rochester, New York

Singer-songwriter-instrumentalist with a penchant for the absurd.

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Track Name: Living Glow Thing
I was walking down the street one night when a flash of light caught my eye
Didn't think much 'til it went again even closer then flew away
Got me wondering about aliens were there space-y men in the sky
Someone one told me it's a lightning bug sitting on my mug I'll let it stay

I don't understand how you illuminate
I just stare in awe because that trick is great
Shine your light on us you living glow thing

Now I wonder how you do that thing does it hurt or sting when you glow
Luminescence well it's new to me some physiology I don't know

Are you alien or nuclear?
It's too dark out to see you clear
Bioluminescent bugs are here
And as they fill up the sky
I can see this is the coolest time of year
Track Name: So That's It, Then
Well this is a new one - what do I do now?
I'm supposed to work today but it's locked up
There's a card on the floor there, but it's too far to read
And all the lights are on in there but nobody's home

I guess I'm out of work again
It's a good thing that I'm going back to school in the fall

I'll walk 'round the mall more in case things should change
It's been an interesting summer and barely July
This job was so stupid - I liked getting paid
But without a warning, we kiss it goodbye

Well I guess I'll go home now
So my last day at this job was yesterday
That's ok - yeah, we'll all be ok

'Cause the only gift always worth giving
Is the time that we share